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Free open online course (MOOC) on (Re)Imagining Port Cities: Understanding Space, Society, and Culture

26 April 2021

(Re)Imagining Port Cities: Understanding Space, Society, and Culture

Over the last year, the PortCityFutures team has grown into a thriving and multidisciplinary community, united by a shared interest in understanding and providing innovative solutions to the challenges port cities across the world are facing. One of the team's goals has been to make their knowledge accessible and useful to as many people as possible, in a variety of formats from blog posts, academic articles, and a series of short films. Today the team is happy to share news on our first joint education program, a free open online course (MOOC) on (Re)Imagining Port Cities: Understanding Space, Society, and Culture is open on the EdX platform. Experts from the PortCityFutures team including leading scholars from the Delft University of Technology, Erasmus University, and Leiden University.

Date & Prize

This 5 week course starts 27 May 2021 and ends 7 July 2021. 
You can find the exact program in the online syllabus

 This course is offered for free. If you wish to receive a verified certificate you can pusue this for 123 euro. 

For who?

If you are a professional involved in the development and running of port cities this course will offer you a fresh perspective on the complex spatial and socio-cultural relations between ports, cities and regions and between water and land, around the world. This course will provide you with the insights and tools to understand and transform port city regions. By employing a comprehensive cross-cultural perspective you will make better decisions when addressing the challenges port cities face today and when planning for a sustainable and socially just future of your port city in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

If you are a master level student with an interest in a multidisciplinary approach to the development of cities, with a connection to the built and natural environment this course will offer you an insight into the workings of port city development, preparing you better for a possible career in this area.

If you live in a port city this course will help you understand the development of your city, appreciate the hidden potential and help you influence the way your port city deals with issues such as climate change and rising water levels in the future.

More information about the program and enrollment via the website.

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