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Going abroad for your studies possible again

19 May 2021

Students may once again go abroad for study-related activities - under certain conditions. This decision was made by the Executive Board on 11 May. We are pleased that we can once again offer our students the opportunity to gain international experience, however the situation remains uncertain. We are continuing to closely monitor the latest travel advice and corona-related measures.


  • You may only go to countries that are classed as code yellow or green, according to Dutch government travel advice (in Dutch). The United Kingdom is an exception to this rule: traveling to the UK is permitted even in case it is classified as code orange.
  • If your destination is code orange*, the university can make exceptions in two situations. In both cases you must request permission from the International Incident Team (IIT). Do not go abroad without permission!

    Exceptions can be made in the following situations:
    • The country is code orange only due to an entry ban for foreigners (i.e. not due to it being a corona high-risk area), and:
      • you are a citizen of the country in question and are therefore welcome, or
      • the country specifically allows students to enter.
    • The destination is your home country and you are already there.

*You don't need permission to travel to the United Kingdom. Traveling to the UK is permitted even when it is classified as code orange.​​​​​​​

  • From 15 May 2021 you may go abroad for internships, research programmes, fieldwork, clinical clerkships, summer/winter schools and independent study abroad (as a free mover). Make sure you have the necessary permission from your study programme in advance.
  • From the first semester of 2021-2022 you can go on exchange. If your exchange programme will start in July or August 2021 due to different semester dates or orientation activities at your host institution, you are still permitted to go.
  • Your stay is at your own risk and is your own responsibility, also in financial terms*. We expect you to monitor travel advice and take all the necessary precautions (for example insurances,  vaccinations, quarantine, financial arrangements).
  • If your destination changes to code red or orange during your stay, you are responsible for arranging and financing your return to The Netherlands. Make sure to take out a good insurance policy that will cover any costs incurred.
  • Draw up a plan B, just in case your stay abroad cannot go ahead. Ask your study adviser for help.
  • Of course, we expect you to adhere to the rules and guidelines laid down by the authorities both in The Netherlands and in your host country.

* Exceptions may be made for study-related activities abroad that are a compulsory element of your study programme. 


Take a look at the study abroad FAQ on the study in times of corona website. If you have further questions, contact your international exchange coordinator.

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