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'Byzantine Rome': a 10-day workshop in Rome

23 June 2021

Byzantine Rome: Unknown Archaeology and History of the Eternal City (400-1000 AD)

Everything you always wanted to know about a forgotten period in Rome: led by Prof. Joanita Vroom and Mink van Ijzendoorn at the Royal Dutch Institute Rome!

This course provides BA and MA/RMA students of archaeology and (art) history an introduction to Rome after the West-Roman Empire, ca. 400-1000 AD. It will take place from 11-21 October 2021. Participants get acquainted with the (material) culture of Rome and Byzantium from Late Antiquity to the Middle Ages. 'Byzantine Rome' is placed in the context of Medieval Italy and the wider Mediterranean world. What continued, and what changed in this period? What were the political, religious and economic links to places within and beyond the Italian peninsula? How do we see historical societal developments back in the archaeological record?


In ten days, we will see important historical places in Rome, including several 'Byzantine' churches. Furthermore, we will visit the Crypta Balbi Museum and the National Museum of the Middle Ages. Renowned scholars will give lectures on the history and archaeology of Byzantium and Rome. The course includes student presentations and group discussions on a range of topics, as well as a pottery practical. Active participation and a general interest in the post-Roman past are required.

Date: 11-21 October 2021

Apply before: 15 July 2021


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