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A story on VRrchitecture

16 June 2021

XR ERA (in collaboration with the Center of Innovation of university) organizes regular meetups to exchange knowledge, ideas and experiences on various topics around XR for education and research in academia and related domains. Their next meetup will be relevant for archaeologists and the like. 

The meetup will take place on the 24th June from 15:00-16:00, where Pierre-François Gerard and Ertu Erbay of Metaxu Studio will speak. 

Being both VRchitects, co-founder of Metaxu Studio, they will present their approach to design virtual architecture experiences. They will also show how they brought the Buddha of Bamyan site back to life, using photogrammetry techniques. We’ll gather in Microsoft Teams, and from there collectively move to a virtual environment accessible through Mozilla Hubs (No access to a VR headset? No problem, the environment can be experienced through a regular browser on your computer or tablet/phone as well).

All members of XR ERA receive the meetup invite and details through email. To join, subscribe as a member to XR ERA. We’ll do a daily check if any new members have been subscribed and add them to the invitees list, so you can join as well.

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