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400 years Thanksgiving | Essay competition: What does the future of globalisation look like?

21 July 2021

This year we celebrate Thanksgiving Day 400th anniversary by inviting all students of the Leiden University, TU Delft, Erasmus University and Harvard University to write an essay on the future of globalization and use the 400 years of Thanksgiving and global development as a reference framework. All participants have a chance of winning a travel voucher to Boston and Harvard, Massachusetts, the place where the Pilgrim Fathers ended their journey.

CC Fred Romero

The history of Thanksgiving

400 years ago the English Pilgrims left The Netherlands after a 12-year stay to start a new life with freedom of religion in the United States. Thanksgiving Day marks their first successful harvest following a disastrous winter that half the group did not survive. Since then Thanksgiving Day has become a national holiday in America and Canada and every year on the fourth Thursday of November millions of people across the world reflect on these times.

The essay must meet the following requirements:
•    it exists of a maximum of 100 words;
•    it’s written in English;
•    it holds original ideas and is visionary;
•    it contains critical content and has an urgency;
•    it’s inclusive and promotes fellowship.


You can send in your essay through e-mail until 25 October 2021. The jury, consisting of scholars from the participating universities, will review the essays. The prize awarding and the presentation of the best essay(s) will take place in the Oude of Pelgrimvaderskerk in Delfshaven, Rotterdam on the 25th of November 2021, Thanksgiving Day. 

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