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Register for the EUniWell Symposium Good Practices on Student Well-Being

8 July 2021

Come together online on September 30 and October 1 to learn how students and staff from Leiden University and other European universities are working on student wellbeing. During this symposium, students, support staff, researchers and lecturers will share information on their approaches, tools, courses, e-health and research. A great opportunity to extend your network in the area of student wellbeing. 

Symposium format

The symposium will bring students, support staff, researchers and lecturers together to share knowledge and experiences in the area of student wellbeing, and to initiate collaboration. Many new and interesting good practices have been submitted by staff and students from EUniWell partners. In this way we can inspire each other and further develop EUniWell’s student well-being network.

Innovative online platform

To maximise interaction, the symposium we will make use of an innovative online platform in combination with an app. You can take part in:
•    Inspiring break-out sessions  
•    Panel discussions with experts 
•    Network carousel 

Register for the symposium

Both registration and participation takes place via a special app. The app will be used before, during and after the symposium. 

About EUniWell 

EUniWell, the European University of Well-Being, is an alliance of seven universities: Leiden University, together with the universities of Birmingham, Florence, Cologne, Linnaeus, Nantes and Semmelweis. This alliance offers students, researchers and educators a range of new, international opportunities for collaboration and development. Find out more about EUniWell.

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