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Going abroad? Register your trip in uSis

15 September 2021

Are you going abroad for study-related activities? From now on, you must register your activity in uSis, via the new ‘Study Abroad’ tile. Registration is very important, as it will allow Leiden University to contact you in case of emergencies.

What types of activity abroad?

uSis registration is required for all activities abroad that are part of or associated with your studies. This includes, for example, internships, clinical clerkships, fieldwork, conferences and any activities for which you receive university funding or a scholarship.

How and when to register?

Find out how and when to register your activity by going to the Study Abroad website and looking on your faculty or study programme tab. If you have any questions, contact your faculty’s international exchange officer.

Going on exchange?

In future, you will also be able to apply to go on exchange via the uSis ‘Study Abroad’ tile. First, find out how and when you can apply by visiting the Exchange website.

Note: if you have already been selected to go on exchange in the academic year 2021-2022, you do not need to register your trip again via the uSis 'Study Abroad'' tile.  

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