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Looking for new LUC Student Ambassadors for 2021-2022

16 September 2021

Be the next LUC ambassador!

For the upcoming academic year (2021-2022), LUC is looking for  a student ambassador, to be a representative of Leiden University College The Hague. Student ambassadors are expected to:

  • Inform prospective students about the LUC programme at recruitment events such as University Open Days, Experience Days and Evenings, Student for an Afternoon and Dutch High School visits. Some of these will be taking place online and some in-person. More information on these events can be found here.
  • Help prospective students make their best possible study choice
  • Student representative on the online platform UniBuddy, where you will chat with prospective students and answer any questions they may have (4 hours a month)
  • Connect with admitted students in the second half of the year
  • As a Student Ambassador, you should aim to be for prospective students what you would have liked to have had for yourself when you were visiting open days/getting to know LUC. This is usually not the person with the slickest marketing pitch. For us, it is someone who answers questions honestly as is genuinely enthusiastic about their programme.

We are looking for a student who fulfils the following requirements

  • An enthusiastic student of LUC
  • Be presentable, enthusiastic, reliable and proactive
  • A mixture of first, second and third-year students
  • Available during our recruitment activities (more next semester)
    • 13 October 2021
    • 29-30 October 2021
    • 10 November 2021
    • 26-27 November 2021

We are offering

  • Training on the job
  • One year contract with Job Motion
  • Compensation of around 12,82 per hour

The workload is about 4 to 16 hours a month (this can vary depending on the number of activities or events). If you are a UniBuddy there is a minimum of 4 hours guaranteed per month.

This vacancy is open to both EU and Non-EU students. All successful candidates will need to have valid Dutch Health care insurance in order to comply with Dutch law. You will need to be prepared to get this insurance out if you are successful in the application as soon as possible. The process for non-EU students to get a valid work permit can take up to 5 weeks. More information on this process will be shared with the successful candidate if it applies.

Send in your application before next Friday 24 September. Join us!

If you have any questions please email: communication@luc.leidenuniv.nl 

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