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Order your free COVID self-tests

13 September 2021

Staff and students can order their free self-tests via zelftestonderwijs.nl. A self-test is a test that you can carry out yourself at home, to reassure yourself that you are not infected before going to school or work. Self-tests are not a substitute for testing by the GGD if you have symptoms.

Preventive testing

These tests are being made available by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. We urge our students and staff to make use of these tests when they come to the university;  this will improve safety at the university, not only for yourself but also for your fellow students and colleagues. There are enough tests available so you can in principle take a self-test every time you come to the university. It is the responsibility of students and staff to take self-tests; they are not compulsory. You can find information on how the self-tests work on zelftestonderwijs.nl.

Visiting the campus

When you come to the university, always make sure you first do the corona check. When you are in the buildings, keep to the campus protocol and follow the signs and instructions of our UFB colleagues.  

Order free COVID self-tests

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