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Reserve individual and group study spaces

27 September 2021

The system for reserving study spaces has changed. In addition, you can now reserve study spaces for groups so you can work together on assignment with fellow students.

Individual study spaces 

This academic year there will be three different types of study spaces: spaces that you must always reserve, spaces that you only need to reserve in periods when there are lots of exams, and spaces that you never need to reserve. This will ensure that every student has the opportunity to study quietly in a university building, even in busy periods. 

Determine your own start and end time

Just like last year, you can still reserve a study space via SharedDesk. However unlike last year, you are now able to determine your own start and end time.

Read more and reserve a study space

Group study spaces

In addition to individual study spaces, you can now reserve group study spaces. These are classrooms where you can work, meet and study with groups of four or more students. You can only reserve these spaces on the day itself via Mapiq.

Read more and reserve a group study space

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