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The student members of the Political Science Master's Programme Committee (2021-2022)

25 October 2021

Dear students in the master programmes of the Institute of Political Science,

In the past week, you have participated in the election campaign for your Programme Committee. Some of you as candidates; many of you as voters. Highly appreciated!

Thanks to your efforts, the Committee is now complete; both staff and student members are looking forward to a fruitful term.

Election results

The election results are as follows (absolute number of votes and percentage):

Results elections MSc PC Political Science

Elected student members

  • Representing The Hague: Merle Geihler (specialization International Organizations; only candidate, hence not on the ballot)
  • Representing Leiden: Sergio Beneitez Parajes (specialization International Politics)
  • Third position, also from Leiden: Koen Reedijk (specialization Nationalism, Ethnic Conflict, and Development)
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