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Psychology: Help predict depression and participate in the WARN-D study

14 April 2022

WARN-D Second cohort registration runs through April 30

We were able to recruit a large and diverse group of students for the first cohort in October. Student recruitment for the second cohort has now begun and registration runs through April 30 2022. 

WARN-D Participation and more information

Join our WARN-D study

Studying can be a stressful time during which students may experience many kinds of mentalhealth issues such as depression. To further understand these stressors, our study dives into the daily lives of students living in the Netherlands. ​

Using smartwatches and smartphones, we will follow 2,000 students over a time span of 2 years. The data collected will be used to develop a personalized early warning system WARN-D to tackle mental health problems before they occur. ​

Why join?

Try out a Garmin smartwatch for 3 months, receive an individualized report of how your mood and experiences have developed over time and earn up to 90€ by answering surveys. In addition, there are two lotteries where you can win 500€.

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