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20/21 November all buildings and systems shutdown: get your (on/offline) study materials in good time

11 November 2021

During the weekend of 20-21 November, you will have no access to all University buildings and all University systems. Be aware that in the week starting 22 November you might have exams or have to submit assignments. 

Find the scheduled exams below:

  • Foundations of Law and Society
  • Verdieping ondernemingsrecht
  • Childrens Rights
  • Public International Law
  • Sanctierecht
  • Veiligheidsbeleid
  • Collectief arbeidsrecht
  • International Dispute Settlement
  • Jeugdbescherming & jeugdhulp
  • Overheidsaansprakelijkheid
  • Fundamenten (strafrecht)
  • Criminalistiek
  • Notariële wetgeving
  • Personen- en familierecht vanuit de minderjarige belicht  
  • IE Merken- en handelsnaamrecht
  • ILS-Rechtshandhaving
  • Internationale financiële transacties in de praktijk
  • International Relations
  • Lawmaking, Politics Society

Do you have all your study materials?

Make sure this week that you have collected or downloaded all necessary study materials.


  • Download presentations via Brightspace. Instructions are available here: https://studentuniversiteitleiden.screenstepslive.com/a/1437319-content-downloaden
  • Watch web lectures and knowledge clips in good time – these cannot be downloaded and will therefore not be available to watch during the weekend of 20-21 November
  • Collect your (online) course literature from the University libraries on time. Online course literature is also located on the servers ‘behind’ University authentication servers. So you will be unable to access it in the weekend of 20-21 November.

We apologiese for any inconvenience and wish you all the best for your exams and assignments!

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