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Caring Universities: How are you really doing?

25 November 2021

Student life can be tough. It’s not easy balancing school, your social life, work, exercise, and more. That’s why it’s extra important to be aware of how you’re doing and to take good care of yourself.

Mental Health Check

Caring Universities invites you to do the mental-health check, giving you more insights into your mental state of mind. Next to gaining more insights on yourself, you will also help other students as it contributes to Caring Universities’ knowledge and lets them know how to better their services. You will receive the Mental Health Check questionnaire via your university e-mail this month. The mental health check is completely confidential. Besides that, all participants will have the chance to win one of the ten bol.com vouchers of 100 euros each. You will only be entered into the draw if you complete the survey before December 8th.


Do you struggle to find a good balance between your academic, social and personal life? Take part in Caring Universities' new programme: LifeHack. During this programme you will learn how to say goodbye to mood swings, learn how to get stuff done and become a productivity expert and how you can master the art of healthy relationships.

About Caring Universities

Caring Universities offers evidence-based mental health programmes for students on procrastination, stress, mood and corona-related problems. They are developed by clinical psychologists, continually tested and upgraded and completely free of charge. It is also possible that you're missing some personal contact. That's why e-coaches are more than happy to chat with you online to support your journey during the programmes. The platform is accessible anytime, anywhere, so don't hesitate to read more information or get in touch through e-mail.

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