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New corona guidelines starting 15 November

15 November 2021

On November 12, 2021, the government announced new coronavirus measures. That is why the following new measures will apply in UBL libraries starting Monday 15 November.

We ask all library visitors to adhere to these measures and to take others into account as much as possible. Please show solidarity and understanding for one another.

  • Once again, a maximum of 75 people is allowed per room. Therefore, study places have to be booked in advance due to the limited capacity. Only Leiden University students can reserve study places. For more information, visit the study areas page or reserve a study place here.
  • All library locations have some studyplaces available for visitors for whom library access restrictions do not apply. 
  • For visitors to whom no access restrictions apply, including staff and alumni of Leiden University, some workplaces are available in the libraries without reservation.
  • The use of a facemask is compulsory in the libraries. Visitors do not have to wear a mask when sitting at their study place. 
  • Always do the corona check before visiting the university. Answer the five questions and stay home if the check tells you to. If you have cold symptoms or other symptoms that might indicate Covid and you test negative, be considerate of those around you and stay at home until the worst symptoms are over.
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