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MyStudymap replaces uSis and the student app: schedule your courses and examinations for the second semester

15 December 2021

On 3 December we informed you of the Faculty of Humanities’ intention to shortly start using the student portal/MyStudyMap. We will open MyStudyMap today at 13:00 hours, and you can start to schedule your courses and examinations for the second semester. This schedule represents a preparatory step in the enrolment process, and it allows you to enrol simultaneously for all your planned courses and examinations as soon as enrolment opens, i.e. on 15 December at 15:00 hours (for bachelor’s students) or on 16 December at 15.00 hours (for master’s students). As of now, it is no longer possible to enrol for Faculty of Humanities courses and examinations in uSis or via the student app.

It goes without saying that we’ve made enough helplines available in case you experience any start-up problem, on this page you will find all kinds of useful resources such as manuals, introductory videos and FAQs.

Since the Faculty of Humanities is the only faculty will now start using MyStudyMap, there are some specific aspects that you should take into account when planning and enrolling in MyStudyMap. You can find this on this page on the student website. We recommend that you read these points carefully.

You can reach the student portal and MyStudyMap via this link. You can log in with your ULCN account, see also this instruction video.

Please note that between now and 15 December, 15:00 hourse, you can only use MyStudyMap to add courses and examinations to your schedule; enrolment is not open yet.

If you have any questions, please contact your education administration office.

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