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Stay connected - also during the holiday celebrations

14 December 2021

The holidays are almost here, and that means a period without teaching and for many students a time of fewer opportunities to meet up with one another. With this in mind, there are a few things we’d like to mention before you start enjoying the holiday celebrations.


Particularly at this time of the year we want to emphasise the importance of not being alone, of reaching out to one another, including online, and staying in touch. This mail includes some ideas for how to get – and stay – in touch with other students.   


For many people, Christmas is a difficult period. But it’s important to remember that you’re not alone! If you want to be in touch with others, that’s also possible over the holidays. If you need a listening ear or you have an urgent need for help, this mail gives you an overview of the possible ways of getting in touch.   

Leiden University’s Winter Weeks

Come and join the Leiden University’s Winter Weeks in both Leiden and The Hague, hosted to kickstart the festive holiday season! Between 19 December and 9 January, there are lots of different fun activities you can take part in for free. You and your fellow students can join in the activities or just get together to enjoy some delicious food (we see you, Foodies!). There’s plenty to choose from:  a pub quiz, skating, winter walks, creative workshops, an escape room, Christmas lunch, and an ‘oliebol’ (yes, those scrumptious Dutch-type donuts) walk on New Year’s Eve. There are fun activities for you to do almost every day! Check the program here! 

Student support groups 

If you want to get in touch with other students during the Christmas holidays, you can contact one of the Student Support Groups. Would you find it motivating and fun to discuss your (study) goals with other students and to exchange experiences? In that case, join us! You’re not on your own and everyone is welcome. Sign up via studentsupportgroups@sea.leidenuniv.nl. You can find more information about this initiative via the Student well-being website.

What other options are there? Check the Uni-Life app! 

 Sometimes all the emphasis seems to be on what isn’t possible because of the Corona measures. But there are a lot of things that are still possible! Download Uni-Life and you will learn more about those things that are available. Maybe you’ll find a fun event or a friendly student association that you hadn’t heard of before. You can also build a community with other students who share the same interests as you. Download the app and you’ll find out more about these kinds of things! It will give you an overview of a lot of social activities taking place throughout the year.   

Listening ear 

The University will be closed from 25 December – 2 January. If you feel the need for contact during this period, a number of important phone numbers are listed below. For study-related questions, you can get in touch with your study adviser again after the holidays.

If you need a listening ear, get in touch with our colleagues from Rapenburg100. 

  • Phone no: 071 - 744 0168 
  • Available daily (7 days a week) between 16.00-18.00 – 20.00-22.00 
  • Including over the holidays!  

Urgent help 

  • If you need urgent help, including psychological support, you should contact your general practitioner. Outside office hours, you can contact the GP medical centres in Leiden and The Hague
  • If you don’t have a general practitioner, you can find more information here about how to find a doctor. 
  • In an emergency or a life-threatening situation, call 112. 
  • If you have thoughts of suicide, call 113 or chat on 113.nl. 

And in 2022…?

Throughout the whole year Leiden University offers a range of different activities. Keep your eye on the Student well-being website for all the different ways of meeting other students, contacting the sources of help available at the University and joining different events or workshops. You can also sign up for the newsletter to stay up to date with what’s going on.

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