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How do we ensure that the quality of teaching does not suffer during crises?

2 April 2022

In our education, quality comes first.

It is essential that students and lecturers are present on campus

In recent years, we have learned which forms of teaching ensure this well and which less well. Based on research and experience, the faculty's teaching is in principle offered on campus, supplemented by online and digital forms where these provide added value from a didactic perspective. Therefore, it is essential that students and lecturers are present on campus.

Students and lecturers will be informed of the latest developments in good time

We have also learned that general public health may force us to provide less teaching on campus. This requires a different way of teaching and in order to guarantee the quality of our teaching, we have prepared the following scenarios:

  1. No threat to public health.
  2. Threat to public health: restrictions through governmental measures.
  3. Threat to public health: complete Lockdown.  

These scenarios have been devised with a view to continue offering quality and require more commitment from lecturers and students. To do this well, preparation time is needed and so is a timely decision on the scenario to follow. Boards and lecturers are in good contact with each other, so that the necessary adjustments can be made and communicated in time. In this way, we can jointly guarantee the quality of our teaching. The intention is to inform students and lecturers of the latest developments in good time.

Do you need extra support?

The Faculty Board also cares for students with specific study support needs. For them, solutions will be found so that they can participate as much as possible in regular, on-campus education. The university has special schemes and facilities available. In addition, the faculty organises extra support in times of crisis. For example, buddies for students whose circumstances prevent them from coming to the campus. If the latter is required your study adviser will explore the possibilities. 

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