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Call for Master’s students and PhD students Law for Europeaeum: 19-21 April, Oxford

1 February 2022

Master's students and PhD students from the Faculty of Law can register for the spring school event Law and Power, which will be held in Oxford from 19 to 21 April 2022. The registration deadline is February 14, 2022. Read more information about the event and registration here.

What is the Europaeum?

The Europaeum is a network of 17 top European universities of which Leiden University has been a member for over 25 years. The Europaeum was established to bring together young researchers and leaders to discuss developments in Europe and promote pan-European thinking. They do this, among other things, by supporting scientists and students in the organization of various conferences, colloquia, summer and spring schools. The Europaeum is coordinated from Oxford University.

Springschool 19-21 April

This Spring School will examine the interplay between Europe and the outside world in both historical and contemporary perspective focusing on law and power, that is formal institutions and norms, on the one hand, and relations of hierarchy, on the other. It will bring together post-graduate researchers, mainly but by no means exclusively, in Humanities and Social Sciences including Law. The participants will provide alternative readings of globalisation, interdependence, the flow of ideas, institutional models, people, material goods etc. on a global scale and its impact on Europe across time.


Participants will be given pre-event reading materials and join lively working groups during the event. Those not presenting a paper will be allocated a role as discussant to kick-start Q&A sessions following on from presentations.

We welcome applications from master’s and doctoral students from within the Europaeum network who wish to either just join the discussions, or present a 10-15 minute paper. More information about application in: Spring School ‘Law and Power’ 19-21 April 2022 (Oxford)

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