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NIA Summer School on Multimodal Anthropology in Greece (deadline May 20)

16 May 2022

How do we do multimodal research? How is visual, multimedia, media or illustration are incorporated into our research? How can we engage with the communities and the people we study in creative and constructive ways? how do we exhibit and communicate our multimodal research findings?

The Netherlands Institute at Athens in collaboration with staff from the department of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology of the University of Leiden, the department of Social and Cultural Anthropology of the Free University Amsterdam (VU) organize this intensive three-week course on visual anthropology. The vision of the school is based on the idea to participate each time anthropologically in a small collaborative community project, in which all students will be able to offer a part of the ethnographic mosaic through various multimodal methodologies.

Every year the summer school will be taking place in a new location in Greece in collaboration with a local network in order to produce an urgent multimodal ethnography project which will be mainly authored by the students, staff and interlocutors. Our aim is to bring together ethnography and multimodal methodologies with the urgent political matters of our post-covid era.

This first year the summer school will take place on the island of Skyros where one of the biggest onshore wind turbine projects of Greece is being planned against the wishes of the local community and municipality. By following this local struggle we intend to examine the views and perceptions of the islanders as well as the future effects of a possible industrialization of the island.

For who

The course is available to last year BA-students as well as Master and first year PhD students in the fields of social sciences and fine arts. All lectures will be given in English. Students are required to participate actively in all the lectures and discussions during the courses as well as in research. Mandatory knowledge of anthropological research methodology, social sciences methodology with focus on qualitative research and ethnography. The course will be evaluated by all staff and participants at the end.


1-24 July 2022 (in Athens and on Skyros island)

More information

Deadline for registration is 20 May 2022. You can register via the website. 

More information about the aim, the costs, the lecturers and more can be found in this PDF. 

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