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Principles (online) education FGGA academic year 2022-2023

23 June 2022

The summer holiday is just around the corner. Over the last few months, we have been fortunate enough to be able to meet up with each other physically on the Campus after a long period of corona measures and online classes. During these few months many of you have also had the opportunity to continue following classes online. But what will happen in the new academic year? 

Read here the memo 'Principles online education FGGA academic year 2022-2023'

The intended learning outcomes, as stated in the Course and Examination Regulations (OER), require that students participate interactively during the course of the entire programme. Education is more than simply answering questions during your exams. Education consists of group and individual assignments, presentations, negotiations, discussions, problem solving assignments, and serious games for which your presence is required in order to participate. We are also convinced that students benefit from actively participating in the community we are building in and around the Campus in The Hague.  

Online education will be limited to students who are unable to physically attend classes for the duration of a full 7-week course block minimum due to a handicap, chronical illness, or pregnancy. Students who are enrolled under the top-level sport regulations are also eligible. In this, we are adhering to the Leiden University policy for exceptional circumstances. You can find more information on the subject here.  Eligible students are invited to get in touch with the study advisors to apply for the required recommendation from the student dean and to file an online-education request with the board of examiners.  

Pre-corona, online classes had already been made available for a number of courses either using livestream or Weblecture. As well as certain other online elements that had already been added to various courses. This policy remains unchanged. It is up to the institutions to determine the desired mix of offline and online education. This was also the case pre-corona but we expect that some changes will be made as result of recent experiences. Institutions are encouraged to implement the learning effects from the pandemic into their education. 

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