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Zomer & start van het nieuwe collegejaar 2022-2023

23 June 2022

Dear student,

Most courses have been completed, exams have started, the timetable for academic year 2022-2023 is almost ready and summer has arrived.

Our campus start in September 2022!

The new academic year starts on Monday 5 September 2022.

  • Teaching (incl. examinations) will be on-campus. So you are all invited to come to Leiden and/or The Hague in September.
  • If master’s students are unable to come due to travel restrictions, they must inform the Master’s Coordinator
  • The Covid deregistration button has been deactivated.
  • The timetables will be drawn up as they were before the Covid pandemic.
  • Information about the set-up of courses will be provided on Brightspace (after registering for a course you will get access to the relevant Brightspace environment).

Scenarios for autumn 2022

Taking note of the lessons learned from the Covid period, preparations have already been made in the areas of teaching, research and organisation, so that we can quickly switch back processes should the need arise. All updates will be provided on the University website. If necessary, you will receive extra information from your study programme.

Events August and September

A number of events have already been planned for the start of the new academic year. Please note these dates in your diary so you are aware of them and can join in:

16 August 2022          - EL CID
30 August 2022          - Orientation Week Leiden
5 September 2022     - Opening University year 2022-2023
6 September 2022     - Opening Faculty year 2022-2023

The Faculty Board wishes you all a great summer!

Julie Külsen
Joanne van der Leun
Mirjam Sombroek
Ton Liefaard
Stefaan Van den Bogaert


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