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Free e-health modules: Gezonde Boel

1 September 2022

Have you just started your studies or have you been studying a while? Sometimes you could use some extra tools and support, for example on topics such as mental health, planning, structure in your life and money matters. With the ‘Gezonde Boel’ online modules you can work on strengthening both your study skills and mental health. As a student of Leiden University you can follow these modules free of charge and anonymously.

Gezonde Boel is a platform that offers self-help modules for students. Each module is based on the questions most commonly posed by students. For example, there are modules on worrying, planning and structure, dealing with money, relaxation and happiness.

Take a look on the Gezonde Boel platform

Gezonde Boel platform

Are you experiencing problems but are not sure who to turn to? Check out the student well-being roadmap.

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