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Cybersecurity month: First aid if you have been hacked

27 October 2022

You’re relaxing on the sofa and the phone rings. It’s your bank. You need to make sure your money is safe by taking a few simple steps. This is a common trick used to obtain bank details. Even though you are alert and have your online security in order, you can still fall victim to a hacker or con artist. What should you do if it happens to you?

Here are a few tips:

  • Has your device been hacked? Don’t switch it off as you could lose digital clues that have been left behind. But do disconnect from the internet/wifi network.
  • Request help from a professional and get expert advice.
  • Report it to the police. They can start an enquiry, plus you will generally need a police report for your insurance.
  • Has your account been hacked? Change your password and check for any suspicious activity.
  • If fraud might be involved, contact the fraud department of your bank.  

European Cybersecurity Month

A safe digital environment is everyone’s responsibility. During the annual European Cybersecurity Month in October, we will be posting weekly tips to help you work in a ‘cyber-secure’ way.  

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