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The well-being student pool: help make the university a better place

5 October 2022

On 22 September, the kick-off of the well-being student pool took place. This student pool is a group of students who have signed up to help think about relevant themes and projects and help the university become a better place. Below you can read more about the topic and results of the first meeting. Are you interested in joining the student pool yourself? Sign up and join the conversation!

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Creating a student living room

This first time, the focus was on creating a student living room. A shift can be observed after 2 years of corona measures with fewer students going to campus, even though in the Student Monitor, they say they are in dire need of social contact. The university's buildings mainly facilitate activities such as attending lectures, studying, and eating food. Students also say that university services are sometimes hard to find. Therefore, the university is rethinking how to organize the university campus to invite more social contact. A way to accomplish this is by creating a living room area where students can relax and meet each other. Through the student pool, students are involved in establishing this living room. 

A successful first meeting

In this first meeting the well-being student pool shared their thoughts on what they think of the plans so far, what the cooperation between students should look like, and when we can call the living room a success. They discussed many ideas were and went in more detail about the feasibility and desirability. plans were made for a follow-up. One concrete result is the plan to proceed this work with this new concept of a community driven living room. The student pool plans to continue the discussion in a follow-up.

Join the student pool!

The student pool sessions take place once every 6 to 8 weeks. The size of the pool is limitless and you can sign up at any time.

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  • Want to know more about the well-being student pool or have ideas about a next session? Please email Kirsten Lelieveld.
  • Want to know more about the student living room? Please email Anna de Keijzer.
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