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University to raise orange flag against violence against women

22 November 2022

November 25 will see the launch of ‘Orange the World’, a global campaign with an important message: violence against women and girls has to end. Leiden University is also drawing attention to this campaign.

Light up orange

Every year, millions of women experience physical, sexual or psychological violence. Action is being taken against this between 25 November and 10 December in more than 90 countries worldwide, as part of Orange the World. In Leiden, several buildings will light up orange, including the Schouwburg theatre, the Harteburgkerk church and Museum Volkenkunde. In addition, Vrouwennetwerk Leiden is organising various activities and the DAC Leiden student association is holding an Orange the World party.

Leiden University is contributing to Orange the World again this year. For instance, orange flags will be raised at various locations on 25 November and posters put up at various faculties. And the University’s Instagram account @universiteitleiden will draw attention to Orange the World in a series of stories.

Join in

There are many ways you can draw attention to the campaign: paint your hands orange, wear an Orange the World pin, hang a poster in your window or sign the pledge. By doing so, you show that you too are committed to ending violence against women and girls, as a woman or man, as a professional or bystander, or as a friend, neighbour or colleague.

Leiden University wants to create a safe working and study environment for all its students and staff. Just last month, board chair Annetje Ottow called on all of us to be alert to unacceptable behaviour. ‘Let’s challenge, help and correct one another, even if we ourselves are not the victim of unacceptable behaviour but witness or hear about it from others, so that together we do the right thing.’

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