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Vacancy: Student representative Art History, Arts, Media and Society and Film and Literary Studies

14 November 2022

Are you a passionate student and do you like to tell about your study choice process? Would you like to share your own experience to help others make their own study choice? Would you like to inspire and inform high schoolers about the possibilities which open up for them after graduation? Apply now for the vacancy of the new student representatives for the bachelor studies Art History, Arts, Media and Society and Film and Literary Studies.

What are the main tasks of a student representative?

As a student representative you (obviously) represent your own study. This means that you share your own experiences with high schoolers in order to help them make their own choice of study. You inform high schoolers about the practicalities of studying (in Leiden), the curriculum and what it is like to follow an academic education. A list of the main tasks:

  • Visit high schools to give a presentation about your study programme (or give online “webinar” presentations)
  • Interact with high schoolers at the information market during the Open Day and support the programme presentations (or chat with students or give a Q&A session on the online Open Dag)
  • Give a presentation or guide high schoolers during Experience Days (Proefstudeerdagen and Meeloopdagen)

What do we expect of you?

We are looking for passionate speakers who are able to enthuse others, who like to help high schoolers with their study choice and who are not afraid to present in front of a group of people or interact individually with visitors at Open Days. You promote your study programme on the basis of your own experiences and practical information, so it is essential that you are communicative. This job is also a chance for you to develop your presentation and communication skills even further, which benefits both your study and your position on the job market!

We are looking for second and third year students who would like to represent one of the three following bachelor programmes:

  • Art History
  • Arts, Media and Society
  • Film and Literary Studies

As a student representative you work for JobMotion. Your gross salary will be around €8,50 per hour and travel time is included. You will also be compensated for your travel costs.

The student ambassador will share which shifts are available and you can choose whether to work the shift or not. This means that the job is quite irregular, but also that you can plan your own workload. We are looking for students representatives who are flexible in their planning and trustworthy. It is possible that we ask whether some of you want to help out at Experience Days by giving a short introductory presentation or to guide the visitors during the day.

So are you interested in a flexible job next to your studies, which also improves your resumé? Do not hesitate and e-mail your resumé and short motivation letter to the student ambassador Sarah Terpstra at s.j.terpstra@hum.leidenuniv.nl. If you have any other questions, you can also send them to Sarah Terpstra!

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