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3D Distraction Bike coming to Wijnhaven on 14 December

9 December 2022

The 3D Distraction Bike lets young people experience the effects of distraction whilst cycling, in a fun and interactive way.

How it works

The participant puts on virtual reality glasses then steps into a virtual world. In this virtual reality, different scenarios are played out. This gives an almost real-life experience of the effects of distraction, for example caused by smartphone use or listening to music, when riding your bike. The outcome is anyone's guess...

Whilst one participant experiences the simulation, others can watch via a screen. After the simulation, the campaign team holds an awareness discussion with all participants. In the process, you will be given tips on how to prevent distractions whilst cycling.

Registration not required

Join us and learn about the risks of distraction while cycling. Advance registration is not required.  

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