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LUC The Hague: Emergency Fire Drill

9 December 2022

On Tuesday 13 December 2022 around 11.00 in the morning, an emergency fire drill will take place at the Anna van Buerenplein 301. This time, it is an announced drill.

We urgently advise all students, staff and residents to act according to these guidelines:

  • When you hear the slow-whoop signal, leave the building immediately via the emergency staircases
  • The evacuation alarm on the residential floors will go off too
  • When you are in a classroom, quickly gather your personal belongings (including your jacket)
  • Lecturers are responsible for the proper evacuation of their students
  • When you are on one of the residential floors, put on your shoes and take your jacket with you
  • Do not use the elevator and do not use the main stairs
  • In case your mobility is impaired and you cannot descend the emergency stairs without assistance, make sure someone informs the security staff on floor 0 about your presence (exact location, how many people and which floor), remain on the college floor and make yourself known to the evacuation team. If possible, have someone stay with you
  • If your mobility is impaired and you cannot descend the emergency stairs without assistance, please stay inside the emergency staircase on your floor and make sure that you or someone else informs the fire brigade about your location (which staircase, how many people and which floor). If possible, have someone stay with you
  • Take the closest emergency exit. Follow the green signs with white arrows. Emergency exits are the staircases on both sides of the building; When you are in one of the staircases follow the stairs to the ground floor
  • Once outside, walk to the assembly point underneath the tram tracks  near Central Station. Don’t stay near the main entrance
  • Always follow instructions of emergency response personnel

We expect the drill to take about 20 minutes. Once the slow-whoop signal stops, you can return to the building.

Please refer to the Safety and Security at AvB – document for a more extended version of the emergency guidelines.


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