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Start thinking about your future: additional course for Humanities students

12 January 2023

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Do you already know what you want to do after you graduate? And what you are going to do with your degree? Do you get asked these questions a lot? Or do you think about them yourself? You may or may not already have answers to these questions. Either way, it is not unusual if you need time to think about your future – after all, it is one of the most difficult and important decisions you will have to make. To help you on your way, the extra-curricular course What’s Next? will be available to Humanities students in the new semester.

Tools to help you find your feet after graduation

The What's Next? course gives you the tools you need to think about your professional life after graduation in an accessible and creative way. You will also learn how to apply design thinking to your future. You will start by identifying the things that give you energy and the things that don’t, on both an academic and personal level. You will use that information to create a compass to guide you when ‘designing’ your life. You will then brainstorm several potential pathways for your future, which you will then explore through networking.

More information about the course can be found in the Prospectus:

Design your future

The course is based on the concept of design thinking because designers know that perfection is unattainable, that failure is part of the process, and that creativity can always help you take the next step. Creativity and design exercises will help you to build your creative confidence. What’s Next? draws on literature from the fields of design, psychology and career development. You will work on personal issues in small sub-groups, guided by a student mentor. By completing various journaling assignments and networking, you will step outside your comfort zone and build your own personal toolbox to help you face your future with confidence. These life hacks will come in handy many times to come!

‘It’s like a bootcamp for the professional world’

What students said in the evaluations:

‘Gives you insights you never had before.’

‘Really gave me time to think about my choices, options, thoughts in life which otherwise I never would've been able to.’

‘I genuinely feel I learned skills that I'm going to use in my daily life.’

‘It is totally different than the “normal” courses as it is about yourself. You get to know yourself better.’

‘It is totally different than the “normal” courses as it is about yourself. You get to know yourself better.’

Registration now open for Humanities students!

There is space on the course for up to 40 bachelor’s students and 40 master’s students from various programmes. You can use this form to register.

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