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Europaeum - Call for Applications, September 2023

28 September 2023

The Europaeum, a network of 17 leading European universities, has several events on offer in the coming months. If you are interested in following a winter school or workshop at another European university, then read further to see if there is a fitting event for you!

Classics Colloquium on War and Trauma: Ancient and Modern Dialogues (Italy)

Location: University of Bologna
Period: 12-15 December 
Deadline: 29 September 

Following the devastating wars of the 20th century, we said ‘never again’, yet for millions of people conflict, and its ghosts, are facts of daily life. In Europe, we once more live in the shadow of a struggle which, directly or indirectly, has implications for us all. How do we try to make sense of war? How do we learn to live with, and despite of, the trauma it causes? This Classics Colloquium aims to bring together scholars across disciplines to discuss these questions in relation to ancient societies, and to think about how ancient ideas of war have shaped more rent ways of thinking about war in politics and culture.

You can read more on the website of this colloquium. 

Media and Ambivalence Workshop (Portugal)

Location: Universidade Católica Portuguesa (Lisbon)
Period: 9-12 January 2024  
Deadline: 8 October 

This media workshop centres on ambivalence within today’s media environments, where questions such as whether this ambivalence is positive or negative and whether it is changeable or unavoidable are being hotly debated. We will explore the effects of ambivalence in numerous contexts from climate change, human rights, representation, and discourses on racism, misogyny, classism, and settler colonialism to history, science, AI, technology, and national/regional identity discourses. And further, how these dynamics connect with, amplify, or modify dominant media practices, production, and consumption. 

You can read more on the website of this workshop.

Winter School on Survivance and Survival in partnership with the University of Tartu (Estonia)

Location: University of Tartu 
Period: 29 January-2 February
Deadline 22 October  

The topic of survival has occupied public imagination in different formats for centuries. We obsess about the survival of the fittest, the survival of species, languages, and even the planet itself. In this winter school we pit the discussion of survival against the notion of survivance (Gerald Vizenor), which brings together the ideas of survival and resistance to encourage agency and creativity in response to the manifold threats we face today. Humanities, especially, can help societies imagine strategies and methods of survivance, through different cultural practices, linguistic strategies, and critical vocabularies. If you are interested in exploring cultural scenarios of survivance and survival—utopias and dystopias, literary futures, contrafactual histories and practices of counter-memory across the ages. 

You can read more on the website of this winter school.

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