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22 December 2023

What are Student support groups?

Student support groups are a safe, confidential space in which you can learn, share and connect with others. Join one of the groups and contribute to the guided conversation on the basis of your own experiences, together with 7 fellow students and a student-guide. Sessions take place once a week, for a period of six consecutive weeks.  

When do they take place?

Student Support Groups take place in rotations three times per academic year. It is important to register before the deadline. This page is updated regularly with the dates and deadlines of upcoming sessions as soon as they are know. 

What Support Groups can I join?

Take a look at the overview below and decide which groups would be best for you. Once you've decided, you can find the registration form at the bottom of the page. 

In the well-being support group you can meet fellow students, share experiences, work on your goals, talk about emotions and much more. Well-being support groups offer a safe and confidential environment in which you can come into contact with fellow students and share your experiences. Groups consist of up to 8 students from various faculties and age groups under the guidance of a student-guide. Take part and make a contribution on the basis of your own experiences. 

Are you a student with a refugee background or a student from Suriname or the Caribbean region? A lot of students who are new to the Netherlands or the university could use a little help finding their way within the university, the Netherlands and in Dutch culture. This group aims to help new students to adapt to the life in the Netherlands. In this peer support group you’ll get together with a group of 7 fellow students and a student-guide to  talk about these matters and create social connections.

Students in this age group can face different challenges. For example, you may need to combine additional responsibilities with your studies and finding an internship might prove to be more tricky. In this peer support group you’ll meet with a group of 7 fellow students and a student-guide to share experiences and talk about mental well-being. 

Would you welcome the opportunity to talk about managing your finances? In this peer support group, you will get guidance, tips and tricks on managing your finances as a student. You can learn from the experiences of fellow students and in doing so, become more comfortable talking about financial matters yourself.

You will follow a set series of topics which will help you to gain an overview of what you want to improve. You’ll also learn about working with a personal budget planner, who to turn to with specific financial problems and how to gain confidence in managing your finances.

This is a group for students diagnosed (or undiagnosed) with AD(H)D who are looking for support and relatable contact with peers. In this group, you can share experiences, offer and receive advice and learn more about coping with AD(H)D. You will follow a set series of discussion topics covering matters such as relationships, regulating emotions and planning.  

This AD(H)D support group is an addition to the existing services offered by Fenestra Disability Service.

This group is intended for students who would welcome a little more guidance and advice on preparing for their future careers. You will share experiences with fellow students and get help and advice on both personal and professional growth. This group also offers a good place to address any insecurities you might be experiencing about life after university. You will follow a set series of topics.

The Career support group is an addition to the existing services offered by the Career Services.

Are you the first in your family to study at university? This is certainly an exciting time but it can also be very challenging. And this is something that students with university-going relatives often fail to realise. But you are definitely not alone. Come and connect, share, and navigate this new academic world together with fellow students who are also first-timers in academic world and who face similar challenges.

Are you writing, or about to write, your bachelor or master thesis? Are you encountering problems or expect you will have problems? Are you having trouble implementing your plans and want to get into a good work/writing rhythm? Then the 'Thesis support group' might be a good idea for you. Meetings take place weekly.

For all you book lovers out there, we would like to invite you to the Well-being Book Club. You will read the book in your spare time and we get together for one meeting to discuss our observations and ideas related to the topic of well-being. If you love books, join in!

We will provide you with the book and a passionate guide so you can enjoy meeting up with like-minded students and learning something new. The meeting will take place one week after the end of the regular Student Support Groups.

Please note this is not a typical Student Support Group but an addition to the already existing ones. You are welcome to join the Well-being Book Club, even if you are not participating in a support group. There are limited spots available.

Please note: the Study Support Groups have a seperate registration form, see the button below.

Do you prefer to study in a room with minimum distractions, and in a group setting with other students to help you stay motivation? Then sign up for a study support group in the low-stimulus study room.

In this study support group, you can meet fellow students, study together, share obstacles and victories, and much more. The study support group takes places on a set day and time each week to encourage you to study with your fellow students. In the low-stimulus study room, you can study with few distractions and use noise-cancelling headphones and privacy screens. All under the guidance of a volunteer. 

At the start of each session you will have a check-in moment to see how everyone is doing. During the session you will take breaks together to enable you to study optimally. The groups consists of a maximum of 8 students from different faculties and age groups. Join a study group and help yourself and your fellow students!

Registration form Study Support Groups

Registration form

You can find the registration form for all support groups below. Select the group you want to attend when registering. You will receive further information one week before the group starts.

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