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Call for students (Re)MA History to participate in a small interdisciplinary project about medical objects and technologies

18 September 2023

Do you want to participate in an interdisciplinary project about medical objects from the Boerhaave collection and learn:

  • to reflect on the historical, ethical and scientific implications of medical objects and technologies, both in the past and in the present?
  • to collaborate with students from the medical and life sciences who approach the object from another disciplinary perspective?
  • to address the historical dimensions of (regenerative) medicine in a way that is relevant and interesting for today’s practitioners and a broader audience?

Send an email to dr. Paul van Trigt (p.w.van.trigt@hum.leidenuniv.nl) before 1 October if you want to join this initiative and when you are available 6-10 November. The project is part of a collaboration between LUMC, Leiden’s Institute for History, the Boerhaave Museum and online platform Things That Talk. An interdisciplinary team of instructors will support students from different disciplines who work in small groups on object histories to be published on thingsthattalk.net.

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