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Vote for the new student-members of the Programme Committee CADS

18 September 2023

This week you can vote for the new student members of the CADS Programme Committee! Voting is very important, because these students represent you in meetings where the quality of courses, exam regulations and other things related to the programme are discussed. If you have any input regarding the programme, you can come to these students.

You may only vote for a representative of your own study year. Please do not vote for representatives of other years.

More information about the candidates is shown once you click on the link below to vote:

CADS Bachelor’s year 2: only one candidate, automatically elected. Second year students can not vote. 

Voting Deadline 22 September 2023

Voting is possible until this Friday,22  September 2023, 17:00 o’clock.

For questions about the process, ask Pablo Pandocchi, Student Member of the CADS Institute Board

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