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Meet the new student representatives in the Education Committee Archaeology

11 October 2023

The Education Committee monitors the quality of the programmes and advises the Director of Education and the Dean on this matter. It also functions as a sounding board. And you have decided by whom you are represented!

In the committee there are two places available for Bachelor's students, and two places for Master's students. Last month elections were held, and now we can inform you who have been chosen to represent the students.

Meet the new members

Lidwien Meulenkamp

Lidwien Meulenkamp

Hi everyone, I’m Lidwien Meulenkamp, a BA3 World Archaeology student! What I really love about the study archeology is the program diversity, varying between lectures and electives to fieldwork, and the active, enthusiastic students and staff.

During my Van Steenis period, the BA program has actively been adapted to match feedback from previous years and to forestall future issues, e.g. with the Field School 1 scheduling, and the introduction of enrollment procedures for electives and the BA thesis. I think it’s important to stimulate direct input from students’ experiences on these changes, and to check if the goals were met each year. With the growing numbers of students starting Archaeology each year, we are facing challenges to ensure a high quality of academics and keep the workload manageable, for students and staff. I’m excited to discuss the feedback on a course- and study-level by discussing perspectives with students from different stages in their study, by which we can valuably contribute to a study program for the long-term. Therefore, in the Education Committee I hope that we can constructively exchange ideas in order to ensure the quality of academics for students and staff alike!

Maria van der Fliert

Maria van der Fliert

I’m Maria van de Fliert and I’m in my second year of the World Archaeology Bachelor programme.

Studying Archaeology came to me a bit later in life; I worked as a Business English lecturer at the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences for my previous career. This means I can bring a unique perspective to the committee as both a student and (ex-) lecturer.

I’m interested in exploring what happens to our course evaluations after we’ve filled them in and I’m also keen to help find a way to accommodate the growing number of students without it putting too much of a strain on education.

I’m looking forward to being a student representative.

Manisha Samjhawan

Manisha Samjhawan

Hello everyone, my name is Manisha  and I am currently enrolled in the MSc program. I have been dwelling in the hallways of the Van Steenis building since 2019 as I also did my bachelors here. I am therefore quite acquainted with a lot of courses, the staff and I have met a lot of occasions in which I wish course setups or the mode of assessment of courses would have been different as I saw my peers struggling. Often I also find myself wondering, how could this course be improved, or would carry it out in the same way. I often also very curious about the experience of other people, teacher as well as student in regards to how they perceive the things that are happening at the faculty as well as how education in general is organized. I am looking forward to not only be able to help the committee by bringing in fresh ideas, but I am also looking forward to hearing from you, and to make your suggestion be heard. In a way you are product of this faculty ( I am sorry if this sounds very dystopian), however, I believe that this faculty is also a product made by you.

Vera van Heel

Vera van Heel

My name is Vera, I am a current MA Global Archaeology student. I would like to put myself forward as candidate for the Education Committee, because I think it is important for MA students to be heard. Since these are only one-year programmes, the student population changes quickly. Having already taken courses in the previous academic year, I have the advantage of first-hand experience with the MA courses, study load, etc.

I am also active at the Faculty as Student Ambassador. Part of this is helping with organising events for prospective students. Here, I got to talk to many upcoming and current students about studying Archaeology in Leiden (for both the BA and MA programmes). This allows me the unique perspective of having learnt about what different students like about the programmes, but also the difficulties they run into.

Considering that I have done the BA World Archaeology in Leiden too, I feel positive I can contribute to issues regarding both the BA as well as the MA curriculums here at the Faculty!

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