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Support groups crisis Israel-Gaza

27 October 2023

Leiden University is offering special mental health support groups for students who are negatively affected by the ongoing crisis in Israel-Gaza. This is a pilot programme.

What is the purpose of the support group?

Our intention is to create a safe(r) space for affected student communities to work through emotional distress and to learn helpful coping strategies under the guidance of a trained psychologist.

Who is this support group intended for?

If you are a Leiden University student who is personally affected by the Israel-Gaza crisis, you are welcome to attend. We can organise different groups based on the student communities' preferences.

How many people can participate and for how long?

Initially, we will organise 4 group sessions that can hold up to 12 people max. You can participate in just one session or all of them.

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Support group crisis Israel-Gaza
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