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Summer Schools and Minor

20 February 2024

During the summer months and the first semester of next academic year, the Dutch University Institute for Art History in Florence (NIKI) offers you some exciting opportunities to study Italian art while staying in one of the most beautiful cities of the world: Florence. All courses are free of charge for students enrolled at Leiden University, and you will be awarded ECTS that you can register on your diploma. Please read the following carefully. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Eric Boot (c.e.boot@umail.leidenuniv.nl) or Coen Meurs (c.c.meurs@umail.leidenuniv.nl), NIKI-ambassadors for Leiden University.

1. BA/MA-students: Leonardo da Vinci Summer School

5-16 August 2024 – 6 ECTS 
A unique chance to study the drawings, paintings and writings of one of the most famous artists in the world: Leonardo da Vinci. This course seeks to define the relationship between Leonardo’s development as a painter and his scientific research. The student will become familiar not only with the artist’s individual masterpieces, but also with his writings on painting and the implications of his concept of painting as a science. The student will gain insight in the design process of Leonardo’s painted works through an attentive analysis of the preparatory drawings that reveal a close study of cause and effect in Nature. Taught by Prof. Dr. Michael Kwakkelstein, one of the world’s leading experts on Leonardo, this course is a unique chance to become thoroughly acquainted with the work of this Renaissance genius. Registration deadline May 1! 

2. BA2-BA3 students: NWIB Summer School: The Birth of the Modern Anatomical Illustration

22 July – 2 August 2024 
Are you a second- or third-year bachelor student who wants to look beyond the borders of their own field, work together with students from other Dutch universities, and develop your academic skills? The NWIB (Dutch Scientific Institutes Abroad) offers exciting courses at the Dutch institutes abroad, in Rome, Athens and Florence. The Florentine course is devoted to "Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) and the birth of modern anatomical illustration". The course is a combination of lectures, discussions of the readings in class and, of course, many excursions. Application deadline March 11!  

3. BA2 students: Minor Rome-Florence

September – December 2024 – 30 ECTS 
This Minor program, hosted and financed by the Dutch Institutes in Rome and Florence, offers the opportunity to a select group of students from Dutch universities, to study Italian art, history, language and culture on location in an interdisciplinary context. A fantastic opportunity to study in Italy for four months! Application deadline May 1!  

For more information about these courses, please visit the NIKI website (www.niki-florence.org), contact one of the student ambassadors (emails mentioned above) or follow the NIKI on Instagram to stay updated about new courses, lectures and deadlines.

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