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New Leiden Law School’s ‘Sustainability’ website

20 March 2024

Leiden Law School has launched a new section on its website dedicated to the theme of sustainability in all aspects of our academic life: research, teaching and organisation.

Sharing achievements

As one of Leiden University’s five strategic development themes in its Strategic Plan 2022-2027, sustainability plays a key role in our commitment to a green, healthy, inclusive organisation. Enhancing awareness and engagement among our students and staff is essential to our ongoing efforts to boost sustainability at the university and faculty. That’s why we want to actively share our achievements in the area of sustainability and communicate more clearly about the responsibilities of those who come to our faculty.

Room for your ideas and input

This platform will continue to expand. It aims to keep you updated about the faculty’s ongoing sustainability initiatives and to invite your ideas and input. We believe in a chain reaction, where every sustainability-related action has a positive impact on others. If you’re planning a sustainability-themed activity or you feel the ‘Sustainability’ webpages are missing something, please let us know!

Leiden Law School’s ‘Sustainability’ webpages were initiated by Esther Kentin:

‘We really needed these webpages to illustrate that we’re on the right track and show our achievements so far. This is just a start – both students and staff need to become inspired to accelerate the sustainable movement at the faculty and add more sustainability-related content.’

Check out the website: Sustainability at Leiden Law School

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