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31 May 2024

What are Student Support Groups?

Student Support Groups offer a safe, confidential space for learning, sharing, and connecting with others. Join one of our groups and engage in guided conversations based on your experiences, alongside fellow students and a student-guide. Sessions take place once a week, for a period of six consecutive weeks.

When do they take place?

Student Support Groups take place in rotations three times per academic year – in Autumn, Winter and SpringIt is important to register before the deadline. This page is updated regularly with the dates and deadlines of upcoming sessions as soon as they are know. 

Summer 2024

This year we are launching an additional round, occurring in the summer. You can find more information and a registration link for this round at the bottom of the page.

Autumn 2024

The exact registration deadline will be announced this summer. The meetings will take place from late October till early December.
The Student Support Groups on offer this season will be listed below once the programme has been finalised.

NEW – Summer Support Group

This year we offer a new round of support groups, tailored specifically for the summer period. In contrast to the regular meetings where well-being matters are discussed in a classroom, we will facilitate connecting and having open conversations through fun activities, like a sports class, an artistic workshop or a shared picnic. Participating in the Summer Support Group is a wonderful opportunity to meet like-minded students, while exploring new hobbies and gaining new skills.

The Summer Support Group is aimed primarily at students and PhD-candidates who will spend most of their summer in the Netherlands. Thus, participation in at least 4 out of 5 meetings is mandatory.

Summer Support Group is a pilot initiative, with a limited number of spots. Sign up quickly to secure your spot!


You can register for the Summer Well-Being Support Group via the form below.

Registration Summer Well-Being Support Group

What Support Groups can I join?

Take a look at the overview below and decide which groups would be best for you. Once you've decided, you can find the registration form at the bottom of the page. 

In the well-being support group you can meet fellow students, share experiences, work on your goals, talk about emotions and much more. Well-being Support Groups offer a safe and confidential environment in which you can connect with fellow students and share your experiences. Groups consist of up to 8 students from various faculties and age groups under the guidance of a student-guide. Take part and contribute to the group!

Do you find Dutch culture significantly different from what you are used to? Is adjusting to the academic system challenging to you? Or are you the first in your family to attend a university? If so, this group might be a good match! The Dutch Academic Life Support Group brings together international students, first-generation students and refugee students who would benefit from support in adjusting to and understanding local culture, the academic system and to connect with like-minded peers.

The Dutch Academic Life Support Group is an addition to the existing services offered by the Meeting Point.

Students in this age group can face various challenges. For example, you may need to combine additional responsibilities with your studies and finding an internship might prove to be more tricky. In the 30+ Student Support Group you’ll meet with a group of 7 fellow students and a student-guide to share experiences and talk about mental well-being. 

This is a group for students diagnosed (or undiagnosed) with AD(H)D who are looking for support and relatable contact with peers. In this group, you can share experiences, offer and receive advice and learn more about coping with AD(H)D. You will follow a set series of discussion topics covering matters such as relationships, regulating emotions and planning.  

This AD(H)D support group is an addition to the existing services offered by Fenestra Disability Service.

PhD-candidates may face specific challenges, such as combining education with research and navigating a new or unfamiliar academic world. In this peer support group you will have the opportunity to talk and share experiences with a group of 7 fellow PhD-candidates and a volunteering guide.

This group is designed for PhD-candidates who are diagnosed (or undiagnosed) with AD(H)D and who seek a supportive community of peers who can relate to their experiences. Within this group, participants can exchange personal insights, offer and receive advice, and gain valuable coping strategies for managing AD(H)D-related challenges and discuss issues related to their experience as PhD-candidates.

This group is intended for students and recent graduates who are working on their first steps towards the job market. You are actively orienting, actively searching for vacancies or actively applying for jobs and would welcome a little more guidance and advice. You will share experiences with fellow students and get help and advice on all steps in the process with ample room for your individual situation. This group also offers a good place to address any insecurities you might be experiencing about life after university. You will follow a set series of topics that fit steps of every career orientation process (know your qualities, job market orientation and vacancy search, application skills (CV, LinkedIn, motivation letter, interview)).

The Career support group is an addition to the existing services offered by the Career Services.

Are you writing, or about to write, your bachelor or master thesis? Are you encountering problems or expect you will have problems? Are you having trouble implementing your plans and want to get into a good work/writing rhythm? Then the Thesis Support Group might be a good match for you. Meetings take place weekly.

Please note: the Study Support Groups have a separate registration form, see the button below.

Do you prefer to study in a room with minimum distractions, and in a group setting with other students to help you stay motivation? Then sign up for a study support group in the low-stimulus study room.

In this study support group, you can meet fellow students, study together, share obstacles and victories, and much more. The study support group takes places on a set day and time each week to encourage you to study with your fellow students. In the low-stimulus study room, you can study with few distractions and use noise-cancelling headphones and privacy screens. All under the guidance of a volunteer. 

At the start of each session you will have a check-in moment to see how everyone is doing. During the session you will take breaks together to enable you to study optimally. The groups consists of a maximum of 8 students from different faculties and age groups. Join a study group and help yourself and your fellow students!

Registration form Study Support Groups

As a Student Support Groups participant, you will be additionally invited for an optional bonus session. Each bonus session will take place once, in the seventh or eighth week, so you can enjoy bonus sessions with your group and other students after following a Student Support Groups programme. You will receive more information on how to apply for bonus sessions and which sessions are offered at the start of the programme. Please note that participation in a Student Support Group is necessary to be eligible for the bonus session; it is not possible to sign up for bonus sessions only.

Registration form

You can find the registration form for all support groups below. Select the group you want to attend when registering. You will receive further information one week before the group starts.

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