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Current voter turnout in university elections - make your vote count too!

23 April 2024

Have you already voted this week? It only takes a few minutes and ensures that your interests as a student are also represented in the University Council and Faculty Councils. You still have until Thursday 25 April 16:00 to vote online.

Currently, 9.1% of all students have voted for the University Council (Wednesday 17:00 hr). The turnout percentages for the Faculty Councils are:

Archaeology: 11.7%
Humanities: 11.1%
Governance and Global Affairs: 9.3%
Law: 5.8%
Social and Behavioural Sciences: 6.9%
Science: 15.3%

Can you help increase these percentages?

Find out who to vote for by checking out the full list of candidates and the campaign website.

Who will you vote for?

You can vote from 22 to 25 April. Log in with your ULCN account.


Election results

The results will be announced on Friday 26 April in the Oude UB restaurant (Rapenburg 70). Doors open 14.00.


They explain to you why student and staff participation is important

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