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Vote in the faculty council elections!

22 April 2024

The elections for our faculty council are just around the corner, and your vote is more important than ever! This is your chance to influence decisions that directly impact your educational experience.

By voting, you help shape a faculty council that truly represents what we, as students, find important. It involves issues such as the quality of education, study facilities, and much more that affects us daily.

What does the Faculty Council do?

The Faculty Council is the second-highest governing body within the university; only the University Council is higher. The Faculty Council (the 'FR') has the right to consent and advise on various matters concerning the faculty. Thus, it serves as the representative of students and staff and as a sounding board for the faculty management.

Meet the lead candidates

Daniël - ONS (Ondernemende Studenten)

Hello, I am Daniël. Besides being very active in student life, I am in my second term as a member of the faculty council, currently as vice-chair. I have long been committed to improving facilities (the cafeteria and access to free menstrual products), a vision for educational innovation (digital humanities), and university-wide collaborations to tackle broader issues (like exam registrations).


Julia - LVS (Lijst Vooruitstrevende Studenten)

Hi! I'm Julia, I'm 22, and I'm currently doing a Master's in Literary Studies. The LVS positions that are most important to me are student well-being, and diversity and inclusion. Especially since these two topics also cover many of our other points. Consider digitalization, which is a point in itself, but also falls under inclusion since it promotes the accessibility of education for people who, due to chronic illness, disability, or other circumstances, have difficulty attending physical classes.

Susan - DSP (Democratische Studenten Partij – Den Haag)

Hi, I am Susan (they/them) and I study Greek and Latin. I am currently on the faculty council and would like to continue. This way, I can bring my acquired experience to strive for a faculty that is an active part of society, student-friendly, and prepares for the digital future!

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