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No new election student section Humanities Faculty Council – seat allocation adopted

15 May 2024

Shortly after the decision of the Appeals and Objections Committee, Election Chamber to hold a new election for the student section of the Humanities Faculty Council was issued, all parties agreed to a proposal for seat allocation. This means that there will be no new election, and DSP-SC will be represented in the new Humanities Faculty Council with six seats, whilst ONS, LVS and LSP will have one seat each. We would like to congratulate Faruk Alp Tayfur, Beckett Ellis-Chatman, Susan van Grol, Ebrar Kaya, Boris van Tuijl, Mette Kamerich, Daniel Hooimeijer, Julia de Klerk and Max Koonen on their seats and wish them every success in the Faculty Council this coming year.


LSP not on list of candidates

Unfortunately, the nomination of the Liberale Studentenpartij (LSP) was overlooked, partially due to late and incorrect submission. As a result, the party did not appear on the digital ballot paper. Following a petition submitted to the Appeals and Objections Committee, Election Chamber (CBB), the CBB decided that the LSP should be added to the list of candidates. However, as the election had already taken place by this stage, the Central Polling Station, in consultation with the Faculty of Humanities Polling Station, decided that a new election must take place.

Protest against new election

The decision to hold a new election was met with protest from the student parties. A new election would mean another round of campaigning at a time when there are few lectures and many exams. As a result, it would be difficult for the student parties to reach the student community and the cost of conducting a second campaign would be disproportionately high. For this reason, a request to not hold a new election was submitted.


Whilst considering the request, a solution was sought to the situation. One of the proposed solutions was to export the results of the Humanities ballot from the election application and to adopt the seat allocation according to these results, with the exception of the last residual seat. This last residual seat would then be allocated to LSP. All parties agreed with the solution and asked the Central Polling Station to adopt this allocation of seats. The proposed seat allocation does justice to both the results of the regular election ballot and the provision granted by the CBB on 26 April 2024. The Central Polling Station has therefore decided that a new election will not take place.

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