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Career and apply for jobs

Workshop Competences in Humanities

Before you start applying on vacancies, it is important to find out what you can bring the job market. This workshop is about discovering your academic skills and your knowledge as a Humanities graduate.

Mabel Isado  (Loopbaanadviseur/Stagecoördinator)

Questions like: “What skills and knowledge are typical for a Humanities graduate?”, “What distinguishes Humanities graduates from other graduates?” will be put central.

Also we will take a look at reflection, since being aware of your competencies does not come by itself. Reflecting on past events is therefore a very helpful step: what did you do exactly during your studies and in what way did you develop your skills and knowledge through these situations? If you can put these experiences into words you can discover what kinds of positions will fit you.

This workshop is for students of the faculty of Humanities.


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