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Workshop Keep on writing: becoming a disciplined writer

Writing a thesis or essay is a big and intimidating task, all the more so now that study places at university are scarce and you have to put yourself to work at home. How do you make sure you are focused, motivated and efficient? In this workshop, we will explain the best strategies and you will exchange experiences and tips with fellow students who are in the same boat, so that your procrastination will soon be a thing of the past.


Practical information


For whom? 

The Writing Lab workshops are intended for all students of the Faculty of Humanities who wish to improve their writing skills.




The workshop will be held in English

Class format:

The workshop will take place on location in The Hague 


2 hours 

Upcoming dates: 

  • 13 April 15.15-17.15 - English (The Hague)
  • 12 April 13.15-15.15 - Dutch (Leiden)


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