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Arts and leisure - Dance

Afro Mix beginners/intermediate

Thursday from 17:30-18:45 h

Avalon Brown

For whom
For beginners/intermediate. The style is energetic and spicy. Central are power, moving big and stepping out of your comfort zone.

Afro Mix consists of a mix of different dance styles. The basis is African dance: large, earthy, intensive and rousing movements. The trick is to let go of everything and at the same time control the independent movement of the lower and upper body. Afrobeats and other different types of uptempo music styles provide even more enjoyment and energy in the lesson. Within the AfroMix style there is a lot of room for developing and maintaining your own style. During class we work on a traditional African choreography and a more modern piece with Afro moves.

The LAK is entitled to move a student to a higher/lower level.
This will always be done in consultation with the teacher and student.

Avalon Brown has been dancing since childhood. Her classes are spicy with lots of African influences and a mix of different dance styles. 'African dance feels pure to me and it is closest to myself: energetic and raw. I have learned here to let go of everything, what a wonderful feeling that gives me!'.
The lessons are open to anyone who wants to experience this energetic and challenging dance style!

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