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Arts and leisure - Dance

MOVE: Natural movement and efficiency

Wednesday from 17:45-18:45 h (start one week later than originally planned)

Loris Casalino

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All levels welcome.

The class will consist on exercises and choreo's which will help the student to understand his/her own body and to move it in his/her own way. All will be approached in a way that the movements will be a consequence (reaction) of a previous move, being lead by a specific body part. the students will learn how to personalize the dance by approaching it from different perspectives (using imagination, executing the movement by simplifying it and using the potential of the body itself in a natural way). This will lead into a more control of the movements themselves and will generate an inner efficiency, qua stamina, dynamics, organicity and much more.

Loris Casalino is an Italian contemporary dancer based in The Netherlands. After graduating from ArtEZ Hogeschool voor de kunsten (Arnhem) in 2016, he began his career by working with David Middendorp and the Nationale Opera & Ballet. Meanwhile he has been collaborating in dance collectives like Skandalisi Dance and Collective Prime. In the past years he had the opportunity of performing, co-choreographing and  teaching world-wide.

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