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Arts and leisure - Dance

NIA - Music, Movement, Magic

Friday from 10:00-11:15h

For whom
For anyone who wants to get fit in a natural and enjoyable way 

NIA stands for Neuro muscular Integrated Action , which you can translate as " the action that connects body and spirit." The joy of movement forms the basis of Nia .
Important components of NIA are learning to listen to the signals of our body 's natural movements, and having fun. The Nia technique combines form and freedom: There are 52 basic movements that constitute the structure of the routine.
Freedom lies in the interpretation of the movements and the ability to adapt them to your individual level. Free dance can be part of the routine too. Dancing is done barefoot so you learn to move consciously.
A NIA workout improves muscle strength and endurance , and give you more self-awareness and a calmer mind.

Annet Breure Nia combines dance with martial arts, such as taekwondo and tai chi, and yoga.

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