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Arts and leisure - Dance

Salsa Lady Style basics

Friday from 17:00-18:00 h

Alejandra Chen Cervantes

For whom
Everyone is welcome, dance experience is an advantage but not needed. Dress comfortably in clothes that allow free movement. Shoes: Latin dance shoes (heels) if possible or shoes with soft soles for better flexibility and comfort while dancing.

Are you ready to unleash your inner dancer and embrace the vibrant world of Salsa Ladies Styling? In this course, you will learn the fundamental techniques and movements that define the captivating art of Salsa dancing.
Through this course, you will explore fluid body movements, posture techniques,
synchronized arm styling and the integration with footwork. Discover the magic of expressing yourself through the rhythms of Salsa music, syncing your movements effortlessly with the language of dance.

Alejandra Chen is a Mexican dancer and performer based in the Netherlands. She started
her artistic journey with ballet, jazz and theater as a kid. But it was salsa that really
connected with her Latin roots during her younger years. Since then, she has taken part in multiple international competitions and congresses as a professional dancer, all while
accumulating over ten years of experience as a dance instructor.
She achieved a first place title in the salsa ladies team category by winning the Euroson
World Salsa Championship 2018. From there, Alejandra has danced in diverse companies, most recently with Euphoria Dance Company based in Amsterdam.
Theater has always been part of her artistic growth alongside salsa. Whether performing on international stages or working behind the scenes, she effortlessly blends dance and theater, giving her performances a unique touch.


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