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Arts and leisure - Dance

Tactile gaze | sensorial practices through dance and reading

Tuesday from 20:15-21:45 h

Emilie Gallier

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'Do not touch with your hands. But you can touch with your eyes.’ My mum used to tell me these words when I was a child, as we would wander together at the street markets. How can I touch with my eyes? Can I sense volumes, textures, and weight by looking? Can my eyes taste? 

Tactile Gaze is a practice that trains the eye to touch and cultivates an access to imaginations while dancing. The practice starts from the movement of breathing as a continuous action, which connects dancers with rhythm, presence, and sensations. 'What if my eyes would be my feet and my feet would be my eyes?' A haptic environment encourages the participants' attention to the tactility of their eyes, eyes pressing against the eyes of others, strolling through spaces, or closing. 'I close my eyes and so I fly'. Dancers access to images that move through them, in their viscera. We close our eyes and see images: daydreams pour into our dance. 

Deze cursus is divided in 2 x 5 lessons from: 13/09 - 11/10, dan 2 weken break and from 1/11  -  29/11

Each couple of lessons articulates around a particular focus. 
We use different sorts of paper to play with by crumpling, folding, reading, eating (!), stimulating our understandings of ways of touching and of being touched (by sounds, light, food, images and text in books). 
A second focus is on drawing, processing images and non linear readings that emerge from cultivating a tactile gaze on maps, dance books, artists books, zines. 
A third focus will be on the constellations we form as a group of dancers who read: how to collectively dance with the awareness of the elasticity of relations (bouncing, echoing, supporting).

Emilie Gallier studeerde moderne dans aan het RIDC in Parijs en kunstgeschiedenis, dans en compositie aan de universiteit van Rennes. In 2012 ze cum laude een master in choreografie aan Artez Hogeschool voor de Kunsten. Sinds 2016 doet ze onderzoek aan de Coventry university naar 'Lezen in performance'. Meer info: post-cie.com

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