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Arts and leisure - Theater and presentation


Thursday from 20:30-22:00 h (starts 2 weeks later than originally planned)

Scott Blick

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All levels welcome.

Under the guidance of Scott Blick, in this course you will explore the actor's five 'tools' in more detail: the body, the voice, emotions, space and props. You learn to direct your focus and to stay grounded and in the 'here and now'. As a result, you are better able to respond more directly and openly to the subtle interactions between body, voice, emotions, space and props.

Scott teaches you that acting isn't about pretending. On the contrary, you learn to be open to stimuli and to be able to respond to these stimuli in an authentic way. Scott's approach is simple, to the point and experiential. You do and experience, and only then do you discuss what you have experienced.

One of the 'tools' is discussed in each lesson. In addition, each 'tool' is treated in combination with the tools from the previous lessons.

Scott Blick has worked as a professional actor/dancer with, among others, The Australian Opera Dancers and One Extra Co: Dance and Theatre. In 1995 he graduated from the Conservatory in The Hague as a counter tenor and works as a singer, actor, director and choreographer in opera and music theater productions. Since 2002, he has been giving workshops and training to business, education and student people, helping them develop their verbal and non-verbal communication and presentation.

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